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Sara Showers

An Art Director living in and loving Detroit, Michigan

Hi there. I'm Sara. That's my secretary, Kevin. He's usually sitting negative five inches away from me; we work very closely.


I genuinely enjoy the challenges this industry brings and our opportunity to better reflect and respond to the world we live in. As creatives, we have to bring the magic to advertising and if we stay present, empathetic, and brave– our audiences will feel seen and heard. And that's how I like to approach any campaign. Stand-out work to me is clever, impossible to ignore, and stylish. I will always fight for work that isn't passive, or "nice." 

Let's get to know each other, although it's possible we've already met. People always tell me I remind them of someone they've known before. 

Much love,

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Work Experience

College for Creative Studies

Detroit, MI – 2019

Bachelor of Fine Art: Advertising Design
Minor: Crafts



Art Director at Fusion92

HQ: Chicago – Working in Detroit


Art Director at Doner Advertising



Internships: The Mars Agency, IDENTILOCK, Milo Digital, Doner Advertising

Surprise! Also Detroit

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