Hasbro 360 Campaign

Hasbro is helping empty nesters get their game on when the kids finally move out of the house.   

art director, writer, animator.


Hasbro Gaming: TV Script & key frames.


Ouija oracle reveals a new Alexa command to helps users plan a game night with their contacts.

Establish a candle lit Ouija board; the game piece floats across the board spelling "A-L-E-X-A." 


Cut to the Amazon Alexa device lighting up in the dark and the automated voice says: "planning game night, who would you like to invite?"

End card: An empty nest doesn't have to be scary.

Hasbro Gaming logo. 

Geo-targeted Direct Mailer (Above)


A playable Monopoly board is customized to reflect our target's city of residence. Monopoly Money takes the place of traditional coupons offering real money towards Game Night Appetizers from Blue Apron, and Hasbro Game Closet (the Amazon Game Rental partnership). 

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